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We are proud to be associated with a great team of experts to support our  athletes in all aspects of their running.

With a mission of "Building Better Runners" our key sponsor Running Science at Rozelle are outstanding supporters of running and athletics in NSW. As major partners to NSW Athletics, Running Science has become the go to company for performance products.

Johnathan Fletcher and his team are experts in providing the right advice and fitting of running shoes and apparel to keep runners moving at their very best and injury free.

They also provide the services of Phil de Mestre – Sports Podiatrist, himself a competitive distance runner who gives him valuable insight into the diagnosis and prompt treatment of running and sport related injury.

Running Science generously support our runners through sponsorship, vouchers and instore discounts. 


We are proud to announce our new Corporate Sponsor On Running.

Swiss Running Shoe and Apparel brand 'On Running' have come onboard to support our runners and coaches.

On Running shoes make you feel like you are running on clouds. They are light, fast and stylish. 

On Running shoes can be purchased through our good friends at Running Science Rozelle at special prices to all squad members.

Check out to see all the great On_Running products available.

Physiotherapist Alex Bell is passionate about helping runners achieve their best and prevent injury.

He is an expert in running biomechanics and technique and can evaluate a runner's form through scientific assessment in his lab at The Running Room in Clovelly Road, Clovelly.

Visit for more information

Happy Wheels owner Stew "Computa" Campbell is a National Level Cyclist and Biathlete. He is a long time friend, training partner and Triathlon Team Member of Coach Warren.

Stew can provide expert advice on anything to do with bikes, cycling accessories and bike racing. He is also an expert bike technician with extensive knowledge in fitting your bike to your body.

Want to support The Run Squad? Contact us today.

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